Shinsa activity

The Association organizes shinsa to rank the members' items upon request.

Shinsa Ranking:

  • Jūyō-bunka-shiryō (important cultural reference)

  • Kōshu-tokubetsu-kichō-shiryō (ranking right below of jūyō-bunkazai-shiryō and candidate of such)

  • Tokubetsu-kichō-shiryō (kōshu-tokubetsu-kichō-shiryō candidate, very high-quality reference and item worthy of appreciation)

  • Kichō-shiryō (excellent item, both as a reference and for appreciation)

  • Hozon-shiryō (worthy of preservation as a reference)

  • Rejected/returned (item that lacks importance as a historic reference, that has been

    significantly remodelled, or that is newly made)

Information on next Shinsa can be found in the pdf attached here.

The Western Branch of the Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor